Core consist of a Ag/Cu, oxide free conductor .
Insulation. Shielding for virtually eliminates RF, EMI.
Special litze / 2,99 diam / 260 x 0,10 FEPŽ 2,99.


SIGNŽAUDIO Technology Interconnects

The basic concept and the main design criteria for SIGNŽAUDIO Technology's Research & Development team was to create a cable with more signal and less interference.

Those who have more experience with using Interconnects will immediately confirm the enormous influence an Interconnects has on the total sound image. A signal will never exit a component better than it has entered it. So between two components is a very important connection!

SIGNŽAUDIO Technology Interconnects are one of the better Interconnects available. The enthousiastic feedback we receive from satisfied costumers proves that.

People just underestimate the influence a good Interconnect has on the total audioset. The soundimage becomes wider, more transparent, more detailed and the SIGNŽAUDIO Technology Interconnect is able to define all diferent instruments. The music doesn't seem to come out of the loudspeaker anymore but is produced through the total room. Almost holographic.

By using a special protective polymeric shielding around its copper cores the magnetic fields produced by for instance mobile phones and computers have no effect on the signal. An extremely accurate productionproces and the use of FEPŽ as an isolator makes this the perfect Interconnect.

SIGNŽAUDIO Technology has 5 different Interconnects available:
- Interconnect RCA or XLR.
- Interconnect Extended.
- Phonocable Extended.
- SP/DIF Digital Interconnect.
- AES-EBU Digital Interconnect.

SIGNŽAUDIO Technology Interconnects are mounted with WBT-0102Cu, or Furutech FP-110G RCA connectors and NEUTRIK NC3, or Furutech FP-701/702 XLR connectors.

The WBT-0102Cu connector has all the style and finesse. They include a barrel finished in matte black, efficient machining tolerances and lesser percentage oxygen free copper alloy stock.

The Furutech FP-110G High Performance Audio RCA Connectors (PCOCC central pin/Locking Collet type) are quality 24k Gold plated connectors.

The NEUTRIK NC3 XLR Exclusive "High End" connectors are 3-pole male / female XLR cable connector with integrated capacitive shield to shell connection to avoid RF-interference and LF-noise. Premium velour chromium plating provides soft satin finish and an extra high temperature resistant insulator.

The Furutech FP-701/702 XLR connector has a Eutectic cast copper alloy center pin, and a Copper alloy body and PBT plus fiberglass insulation.

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Compare our cables with different brands, listen to its pureness and surely you will say: nothing is better,

Just follow the sign.


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