Core consist of a Ag/Cu, oxide free conductor .
Insulation. Shielding for virtually eliminates RF, EMI.
Special litze / 2,99 diam / 260 x 0,10 FEPŽ 2,99.


SIGNŽAUDIO Technology Loudspeakercables

SIGNŽAUDIO Technology Loudspeakercables are exceptional. Both in soundquality as in buildquality.
Extremely quiet and expressive. These cables are perfectly balanced en very neutral: they will not enhance any signature to the sound and are able to create a complete three-dimensional image. This makes a SIGNŽAUDIO Technology Loudspeakercable unique and difficult to improve any further.
The SIGNŽAUDIO Technology Research & Developmentteam really made the impossible possible: every instrument and all vocals are three-dimensional and the quietness is impressive.

The cables are handmade with most care and proffesionality, which you can see instantly. This is a qualitycable.

SIGNŽAUDIO Technology has 3 different Loudspeakercables available:
- LS Loudspeaker Pass Series.
- LS Loudspeaker Shotgun Series.
- LS Loudspeaker Extended Series.

SIGNŽAUDIO Technology loudspeakercables have completely seperated cores.
A stereo set cables exist of 4 completely separated cores. The shotgun version even doubles that to have an even better signal. The Extended version has extra shielded litzes for the best possible signal.

SIGNŽAUDIO Technology loudspeakercables are mounted with WBT-0661 Cu nextgen spade in copper with 6 mm forks, Furutech FP-201(G)High Performance Audio Spade, and with WBT-0644 Banana in 6 or 8 mm or FP-202(G) High Performance Audio 24k Gold-Plated Banana.

The WBT-0661 Cu nextgen is an 1/4 inch / 6.4mm sandwich spade connector is a Pure Oxygen Free Copper contact is direct Gold plated to protect against oxidation. High current spade lug with elastomeric shock absorber for progressive contact pressure eliminating structure born and air born noise as well as magnetostriction. Fully insulated body is safe to use and conforms to international safety standards.

The Furutech FP-201(G)is a 24k Gold-Plated connector with Eutectic cast copper alloy pins.

The WBT-0644 Banana connector in 6 or 8 mm have the same style and elegance. They include a barrel finished in matte black, efficient machining tolerances and Oxygen Free Copper alloy stock.

The Furutech FP-202(G)High Performance Audio Banana Connectors is a 24k Gold-Plated connector with Eutectic cast copper alloy pins.

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Compare our cables with different brands, listen to its pureness and surely you will say: nothing is better,

Just follow the sign.


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