Core consist of a Ag/Cu, oxide free conductor .
Insulation. Shielding for virtually eliminates RF, EMI.
Special litze / 2,99 diam / 260 x 0,10 FEPŽ 2,99.


SIGNŽAUDIO Technology Powercords/Powersource

SIGNŽAUDIO Technology Powercords and powersource are a critical key in the chain. The influence they have are as important as a good Interconnect or Loudspeakercable.

The problems conventional (non-shielded) powercords cause are dual: External RFI and EMI signals will have a negative influence on the powersignal.
Various sorts of pollution will be either blocked or eliminated:
- All external interference.
- All internal interferences coming from other devices.

Expect the sound to be more transparent, extremely balanced, more detailed, and have more bass.

The powersource was produced with only one objective: to have the best powersource for your equipment. All experience and years of development at SIGNŽAUDIO Technology resulted in a powersource which can take on any other powersource.
Both soundquality and buildquality, where only the best materials have been used, make this an outstanding powersource. With the SIGNŽAUDIO Technology Powersource you will have an impressive, but very simple enhancement for your complete set.

A good powersource is an essential part of the configuration end has an enormous influence on your set. Often a “cheap” Powersource is used in combination with more expensive Powercords. The lost signal after the “cheap” Powersource can't be made up by the expensive Powercords anymore.

SIGNŽAUDIO Technology has a variety of Powercords and Powersource available:
- Powercords 15A.
- Powercords 20A.
- Powercords Extended.
- Powersource with 4, 6 or 8 Schuko sockets.

Powercords can be delivered with a choice of connectors:
- Furutech USA/IEC.
- Furutech Schuko/IEC.
- Wattgate USA/IEC Audio Grade.
- Wattgate USA/IEC Economy Grade.
- Wattgate Schuko/IEC Audio Grade.
- Wattgate Schuko/IEC Economy Grade.
- Hospital Grade UK/IEC.
(Prices depend on the chosen connectortype, pricelist is based on Wattgate Economy Grade or UK Hospital Grade)

Wattgate Audio Grade connectors have the Wattgae Three Layer Plating Process:
1. Oxygen free copper plating, improves conductivity.
2. Electroless nickel plating, necessary to prevent the leeching of the copper through the pure gold layer.
3. 24k gold plating, which improves conductivity.

Furutech FI-(E)11Cu High End Performance Power Connectors are, like all Furutech products, known for their quality. Suitable for a 15A/125VAC.

Wattgate Economy Grade connectors are like the Audio Grade connectors and share the same Permalock Contactsystem, back- and fronthousing and are good quality for a slightly cheaper price.

Wattgate IEC connectors can be mounted with a 15A/125VAC or 20A/125VAC or 250VAC version.

The Hospital grade UK plug is a 13A UK plug which is perfect for audiophile grade power cords and exceeds hospital grade (green dot) UL tests.

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Compare our cables with different brands, listen to its pureness and surely you will say: nothing is better,

Just follow the sign.


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