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Much is written about cables, much more is discussed in audiophile balderdash. But the Audiophile Grail is still not found. We have not found it either but we are near.

Cables certainly have influence on the reproduction of recorded music. We can measure the common electrical parameters, the frequency-dependant total impedance, and predict something. We can also take into account the effects of the insulation, the crystal structure of the materials used, the immunity to RF interference, impedances of transitions, and maybe we forget something, it all ends with a choice and a mixture of optimalisation of the most significant parameters. So we did.


The best thing would be to have no cable at all, but we cannot do so in the real world. Unfortunately. Our cables will not degrade the music nor wil they add some euphonic colorations to make the music sound more real than life.

They will just pass on every single captured detail on the CD, DVD or LP. The real truth is nice enough. Compare our cables with different brands, listen to its pureness and surely you will say: nothing is better...

Just follow the sign.

Richard Buckner


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