Core consist of a Ag/Cu, oxide free conductor .
Insulation. Shielding for virtually eliminates RF, EMI.
Special litze / 2,99 diam / 260 x 0,10 FEPŽ 2,99.



SIGNŽAUDIO Technology products are created and assembled using the most reliable conductors and isolators available. High quality parts and connectors ensure the highest accuracy and the best sound quality. Testing equipment, and exceptional packaging guide you to the final destination: audio systems for home-use, concert halls and recording studios. Find out more about SIGNŽAUDIO Technology. We offer quality for everyone and every budget. Please contact your local dealer or distributor for more information and see which cable suits your specific requirements.

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Our most important aim is to satisfy our customers!
As a manufacturer of high-quality, innovative products, we demand highest quality standards of product manufacturing, sales and service. We expect those same standards of quality from our trading partners, whose task is to ensure secure and reliable purchasing. Therefore, SIGNŽAUDIO Technology products are exclusively available from dealers authorised by us, or through our onlineshop. Only they guarantee that you will receive genuine SIGNŽAUDIO Technology products and the associated lifelong replacement guarantee.

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